UN Springs Into Action, Does Nothing

zombie4/05/2009 5:35:33 pm PDT

Meanwhile, over at Vanity Fair, Henry Rollins is on a roll:

“I have been reading material at conservative sites and the content contributors can’t seem to get over the fact that Britain is in love with president Obama and his wife, Michelle. There are stupid cartoons of Ms. Obama wanting to “fist bump” with Queen Elizabeth, assorted whining about the fuss P.M. Gordon Brown made over the president and the first lady. I think it really gets to these frustrated sub-literates that millions of people all over the world love Barack Obama. They remember clearly the last several years when their born-again Texan went abroad and how well all that went. Perhaps some of these mouth-breathers are reading this screed now. Hey, knuckle-dragger! Isn’t it a downer that president Obama will be received exceedingly well all over the world and perhaps help the entire planet become a more peaceful and prosperous sphere?”

Remember the days when Vanity Fair was a respectable publication?