In Which Donald Trump Edits His Twitter Profile Background to Include a Tweet With a Blatant Lie

CongoJack5/09/2017 9:50:14 am PDT

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This is a problem that’s plagued the comics for a while, too, especially at DC. “Grim and Gritty” has been DC’s trademark for a number of years, which is okay when you’re talking Batman, but completely the opposite of what you need for Superman. During their “New 52” phase, they essentially tried to shoehorn all of their characters into the template of Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” films.

I haven’t been able to read comics on a regular basis for many months, but it seems DC is starting to improve. Marvel, on the other hand, is turning Captain America into a Nazi, for some damn reason… :/

Yeah…. I’ve read almost everything Marvel has released in the last couple years. The Captain American thing just pisses me off. Its like saying Obama put his birth in the Honolulu newspaper when he was born so he could trick people to run for President in 2008 when he actually was born in Kenya. So Captain America faked out all of these people to be a surprise Nazi - doesnt make freaking sense in the lore of the character. Does that mean the Red Skull was the good guy? Ugh

Side note: Greeley, CO - where I live got pounded yesterday with golf ball sized hail for an hour and a half (including torrential rain that flooded the middle of the town). Having the insurance company come to my house and need to have my wife’s brand new car (2017 Forrester) looked at as it has a good amount of damage (she is not taking this well as it was her baby bump present from me).

Worst is - she is from Chicago - got Cubs Rockies tickets and they postponed the game until today at Noon… but with us both working in education of course we can go (and they wont let us exchange the damn tickets for the other Cubs/Rockies game).

So at the moment I’m back to being nihilistic.