New From Seth Meyers: Mueller Complained About Barr's Letter to Congress

Jay C5/02/2019 10:46:07 am PDT

re: #417 HappyWarrior

Yep. Or the trans students he was fine with his old pal Milo harassing. He doesn’t deserve death threats but maybe he should fucking apologize for being a douchebag.

Well, I won’t hold my breath: nor bother racking my brain for any recollection of any wingnut ever apologizing for anything (without a court order).

Still, according to TMZ, BS filed a complaint with the LAPD (presumably where he lives??), but the perp was nabbed in Kent, WA (Sea-Tac area), so I’m guessing this is more of an online, vs. an in-your-face threat. Still good to see someone is on the ball, though.