Robert Spencer and the Extremists

Locker9/09/2009 2:31:17 pm PDT

re: #395 SixDegrees

I just got done watching the latest of those Brinks Home Security commercials. Like every other one, we have mommy and daughter playing at home, burglar kicks in door which triggers the Brinks siren and callbacks while the girls freeze, look terrified, then run upstairs for no apparent reason. Burglar is deterred by the siren, happy endings all ‘round.

Just once, instead of running away I’d like to see mom reach into the closet and level a shotgun at the perp. Just once. Yes, thank God for Brinks and all that, but in other home invasion situations - crazy ex-boyfriend, stalker, rapist and so on - that siren and phone check give the perp all kinds of time to do all kinds of unspeakable things, a lot of which the victim will never recover from. I hate the portrayal that being frightened and passive will make everything all right, as long as the Brinks checks clear.

Funny you mention that but I have a similar reaction. I’ve seriously been expecting a MadTV type spoof of those commercials where the bad guy pauses for the alarm then continues to go after the “mom” while bopping along to the alarm sound… or simply just keep on coming…

I’m not saying an alarm is a bad idea. I just hate that same “mom clutching the frightened kid saying it will all be ok because of brinks” ending. It’s moronic.