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ObserverArt11/15/2018 9:37:37 am PST

re: #411 dangerman

If you do it through 911 many police departments will rush right out and shoot a black person for you

Sadly you are right.

I mentioned yesterday the Ohio House passed a new stand your ground law.

Even John Kasich said he didn’t want it and will veto.

I contacted my Rep ( a Democrat - urban Columbus) and said it would be dangerous for urban areas and the idiots that passed it are all from the rural areas of Ohio and don’t even need the damn law.

So, what happens. A Black woman Rep from Cleveland brought up that very point singling out the House Speaker’s area and the Speaker blew up and shut her down.

The Speaker is a stand in because the previous Speaker was forced to resign due to massive corruption. I looked up where he is from because I was unfamiliar with him.

Sure enough, he represents Gallia and Jackson counties as well as much of Lawrence and Vinton. They are as Appalachia Ohio and full of bubbas as they come and are all right at the bottom point of Ohio.

Here is the sad video. I stand with the Cleveland Rep. I think she was on point.

Here is a link to associated article is anyone is interested.

NBC 4i - Ohio representative’s objection to ‘Stand Your Ground’ gaveled down by Speaker