Overnight Open Thread

Miss Trixie2/04/2009 6:01:33 am PST

re: #409 smokefire

…………….please take your happy dancing elsewhere.

17 degrees, another 5 inches of Gorbul Warming on ground, winds around 15-25 mph. Forecast is for temps around 5 tonight. Please, no happy dancing, unless that dancing leads to warm weather.

If I don’t do a happy dance I’ll not thaw out until July and I’d have to use my nose to type. :P

Here, it’s -4F and with the windchil factored in it’s -24F. I detest winter and generally become a Canucksicle but I must try to stay positive with visions of my pretty little summer flower garden dancing in my head.

Otherwise I’d lose my mind.

No need to be so grumpy - perhaps some Urinated Cranky Flakes is just the ticket for you? Just ask LittleOldLady - she’s ALWAYS got some on hand. :D