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Mad Prophet Ludwig7/07/2010 5:00:13 pm PDT

re: #385 Aceofwhat?

I’m talking about Liquid Fuel Thorium Reactors.

quick summary:

1) You start with a fluoride salt. In this reactor it will be heated so much that it melts.
2) You dissolve thorium fluoride in the liquid salt.
3) Thorium-232 absobs neutrons and turns ino Uranium-233.
4) The Uranium-233 fissions and produces heat plus more neutrons.

Advantages include:

1) There is no pressure – unlike traditional nuclear reactors which contain high pressue steam. So the reactor cannot explode.

Actually the liquid salt would be under very high pressure. The issue is that you can more easily regulate fuel consumption.

2) The fuel does not need to be shaped into pellets

True, but that is what makes other reactor designs impervious to meltdown. However, it is easier to extract isotopes for a fuel cycle from the liquid salt than it is to extract it from the pellets.

3) The reactor can add fuel and remove waste at any time
4) There are no weapon-grade materials involved
5) Thorium is abundant and most of it is used up in the reaction
6) The fission products are relatively benign and short-lived compared to those of a traditional reactor.