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Anymouse 🌹🎃4/20/2019 2:35:54 am PDT


I kind of agree that the rule of law should be upheld, but that could be done by indicting Trump once he is out of office. The single most pressing issue is to make sure the Democrats win control of the federal government in 2020. There will be congressional investigations, but unless Trump’s support in the Senate completely crumbles letting the Senate GOP acquit him will be spun as a great victory by the GOP. So if the hearings produce a collapse in Trump’s support with Republican voters Pelosi could trigger impeachment, but with the election coming up so soon the better strategy may be to let a crippled Trump stay on the ballot and drag the entire GOP down with him next November.

And that right there was what I was arguing.

The Constitution is clear on the issue of holding impeachment hearings if there is a dangerous or criminal official in office.

Putting aside the Constitution Democrats swore to uphold and protect for potential political gain in 2020 (and there is no guarantee that will happen) makes Democrats no better than Republicans.

The largest block of voters in the election was those who didn’t vote. If one is looking for a political angle, then public hearings on impeachment would dominate the airwaves and reach those voters who did not vote in the last presidential election.