Letter to a Future Republican Strategist Regarding White People

JamesWI11/12/2012 12:32:12 am PST

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12. Never trust a man in a blue trenchcoat.
13. Never drive a car when you’re dead.

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Bobby “Non-consensual Exorcism” Jindal? Are you shitting me?

p.s. This online petition for a recount is full of bitter wingnut tears and conspiracy derp. Not as good as White People Mourning Romney, but enjoyable none the less. For the record, here is my contribution to the cause.

Awww, I was just about to post the link to that. It is glorious. Try and make sense of this one:

Most of the people I talked to in Colorado were voting for Romney. Even Gays because of the jobs. Car Dealerships, and so many others were standing by him. You have hereings in Ohio for machine rigging. What we see is the vote of the people being, surpressed. This has never been allowed in our country. It was plain for all to see. Censored news is another. This is Not Russia! And never in our nation have we let a President get away with what he is. This is one that did not go unnoticed. Being a Dem is one thing. There have been alot of great leaders in that party. But when we have someone who allows the deaths of other’s. Devide the country, Smugg Israel, steal votes. You are forcing the American people. We will not stand for that! And when something is done in plain sight. And may I say poorly done. Yet, try and cover it up. And again poorly. Then I ask what the Dem’s have come too.

We will not let this rest!! To elect a President is our’s. Not the Gov’s. And we are demanding a recount for all. And those not counted. And again if we are not the US. Then what are we!! Election comes again for senators..Maybe we should take a diffrent RT next time. Sinse everyone wants betray this country in Washington.

It’s like it was written by a kindergartener.