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Hecuba's daughter4/21/2019 10:44:59 am PDT

re: #420 HappyWarrior

I dunno man. I think Mueller wants to do right. We’ll see what happens if he’s called to testify on the Hill which I think he should so he can clarify his findings to the American people in his words. I think he’s just an old fashioned type. I really don’t think Mueller punted to Congress because he wanted to, I think he did it because he had to.

Mueller did not want to challenge DOJ rules; if he had, it would have gone to the SC and the decision would probably have not been in his favor. He’s a “by the book” type of guy who is unlikely to object to longstanding DOJ policy. If the rule had been adopted during the Trump administration, he might have acted otherwise — but it’s been around since the 1970’s.