Obama Laughs It Up With Hugo Chavez

Zimriel4/17/2009 5:35:19 pm PDT

re: #412 curquhart

Does being elected give a president the mandate to declare himself a king?
Does “democracy” mean that a country can vote away its inheritance?
Edmund Burke would like a word with you…

If the Venezuelan people want Chavez as their leader, let them.

So, wise guy, what has non-interference gotten us, and what has it gotten for the people of Venezuela?

I’m not talking about direct interference, but a diplomatic strategy aimed at restoring the rule of law in Venezuela. That means, objective and impartial law; not executive-dominated “legal tribunals” like Chavez is about to implement.

As long as a tyranny is elected into power, you seem to be fine with it. I’m not. Tyranny is tyranny, even if the majority supports it. (By the Greek standard - especially if the majority supports it.)