Seth Meyers on Trump's Monumental Business Failures [VIDEO]

KGxvi5/09/2019 1:41:32 pm PDT

re: #434 Teukka

[idea type=half-baked]
So, what about this for an event… Picket… The usual signs, banners and posters… Only nothing written on them, or black censor boxes, but with no writing underneat (this is important)…
No chanting, no nothing, dead silence… Taped mouths as an extra.
Document them being empty or censored throughout the day.
One prong of the protest is to imply you have no right to free speech.
The other is to catch anyone using them to put words in the protesters mouths with manipulating the photos.

Blank posters at a protest, of which there will definitely be pictures would send the internet meme machines into overdrive. Every single picture would have an infinite number of versions with commentary running the gambit.