Ridiculous Finger-Style Shredding: Matteo Mancuso, "The Chicken"

Dr Lizardo5/12/2019 3:06:09 am PDT

Looks like the NRA is pretty much hemorrhaging money. And it seems Wayne LaPierre has some pretty expensive tastes, too.

Separately on Saturday, the Wall Street Journal reported on leaked documents—also from letters North sent to the organization’s board last month—that appeared to show that the advertising firm Ackerman McQueen helped pay for luxurious clothing and travel for LaPierre. According to the anonymously posted documents, LaPierre billed $39,000 for just one day of shopping at a clothing boutique at Beverly Hills. On another line, he charged $18,300 for a car and driver in Europe, and in another, $13,800 for a summer intern’s rent. The firm tallied up more than $542,000 in clothes, travel, and other expenses, much of which went into flights. North suggested the costs meant “financial impropriety” by LaPierre. The NRA has said the expenditures were justifiable for LaPierre’s work and public appearances.