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One of the bigger selling points of Brexit was this idea that a post-Brexit UK would find itself in a bidding war with its former trade partners to grab a slice of the British pie. That not only would they be able to deal direct with other nations rather than as part of the EU, but they’d even be able to bypass Brussels and go directly to the nations of continental Europe to make insanely great trade deals by simply teasing access to all those eager Britons wanting foreign goods.

The reality has been…a total bust. The EU has slammed its foot down and made clear that Boris won’t be going to Berlin, or to Paris, or even to Prague and making one-on-one deals. If the UK wants to keep its old trade network, it will have to work through the EU and that means playing by the EU’s terms. The promise of an Anglo-American trade deal was supposed to be 10 Downing’s lifeline, that even if they couldn’t get good deals with the EU that D.C. would be there to save their asses. Well, that door’s now in danger of being slammed shut in their face. Where are they going to look now?