Oath Keepers: Very Bad Craziness

lostlakehiker10/18/2009 2:01:40 pm PDT

The founding fathers were wary of dictators and set things up so that the oath under which men are sworn to service pledges fealty to the Constitution, and to the lawful orders of superiors.

Back in the runup to Nixon’s departure, there was a flurry of communication at the highest ranks in the armed forces, reminding everyone exactly where their duty did, and didn’t, lie. The fear was that Nixon would come unhinged and try to stage a military incident as a distraction.

There was then some reason for such a fear, though in the end nothing came of it. Now, there is no real grounds for such a fear. Since none of what they fear is going to happen, this whole Oath Keepers business won’t come to anything.

On the other hand, a climate of opinion in which everyone is resolute on the matter of the limits of State power is one reason that the U.S. will not, cannot, go the way of say Venezuela. It’s not just that the people in office aren’t that sort. It’s not just that the Congress wouldn’t go along. It’s that men of the bent of Chavez don’t even bother to seek office. They can see, as all can see, that it would never fly.