Study: Muslim Extremists Not Looking for World Domination

goddamnedfrank7/10/2012 8:14:47 pm PDT

re: #39 Elias

Just one “yes or no” question. Do you guys think Islamism is a totalitarian extremist ideology dangerous to the world ?

I know it’s rude to answer a question with a question but in this case I need to know, do you throw the -ism at the end of the word so that you can define what it means? Seems like a nebulous concept to me, like Christian or Jewish fundamentalism, ultra-Orthodox, etc. Theocratic totalitarianism seems dangerous to me in any flavor, is that what we’re talking about, and if so why restrict the discussion to Islam?

Understand that the plurality of terrorism might be conducted by people who consider themselves muslims, but more than a decade of continuously taking the fight to their countries, occupation and retaliation has actually seemed to exacerbate the situation. So why not focus on fundamentalism itself as the problem, disengage, try to get out of the enemy making business and deal with the forces in our own midst that appear to be addicted to perpetuating the conflict.