Michael Jackson Hospitalized - Update: LA Times Reports Jackson Has Died

aaron's rantblog6/25/2009 4:50:12 pm PDT

All those who are defending Mikaeel and gave me negatives in #212 should look in the eyes of the parents of the children he molested.

Talent isn’t EVER excuse for immorality.

Think his new faith is insignificant? Some reading: Sorry, but he joined a faith where his predilections were hardly out of favor and they’d be catered to in Saudi Arabia, as were Idi Amin’s.

Rule #1 in journalism… follow the money.

Who was the big investor in his upcoming tour?

Lebanese real estate mogul Tom Barrack. “Colony capital, the real estate investment company he founded in 1991, married with the Kingdom of the Saudi Prince Al-Waleed”. Did deals with “Baby Doc” Duvalier

Ethical people don’t do deals with Al Waleed, the guy who gave a check to NYC for $10M that Giuliani rejected and Cynthia McKinney wanted.

If you wanted the pedophile to succeed, it would have enriched exactly the WRONG people.

Reconsider your memories about this ugly soul. My descriptions are far from baseless.