We Take a Short Trip Down the QAnon Rabbit Hole

Lupin7/10/2018 5:52:53 am PDT

The one thing that seems conspicuously missing from the NATO articles is the American bases throughout the NATO countries:

Belgium - Chièvres Air Base; Kleine Brogel Air Base
Germany - US Army installations in Germany; Panzer Kaserne; Ramstein Air Base; Spangdahlem Air Base
Greece - Naval Support Activity Souda Bay
Greenland (Denmark) - Thule Air Base
Italy - Caserma Del Din; Caserma Ederle; Darby Military Community; Naval Air Station Sigonella; Naval Support Activity Naples; Aviano Air Base
Kosovo - Camp Bondsteel
Netherlands - Volkel Air Base
Norway - Marine Corps garrison at Værnes Air Station
Portugal - Lajes Field
Spain - Morón Air Base; Naval Station Rota
United Kingdom - RAF Alconbury; RAF Croughton; RAF Fairford; RAF Lakenheath; RAF Menwith Hill; RAF Mildenhall

Is Trump planning to abandon all of these? What does the Pentagon think about that? Can we get a few EU bases in Texas and Alabama and New Mexico in exchange?