An Open Letter to American Spectator

SanFranciscoZionist6/26/2010 9:26:48 pm PDT

re: #403 freetoken

Yes. But if I remember correctly he kept brining in his family (sister) and the problems they had with tobacco. I get what he was trying to do (in drawing parallels between AGW-denialism and tobacco-denialism). It just seemed to be too much to me.

Could be, and I’ve not seen the movie. But I have to say that one of the things undercutting corporate attempts to tell me and other people my age that climate change isn’t real is that we sat through years of the tobacco companies getting up in front of Congress and God and saying that cigarettes didn’t addict or kill, as the data rolled in.

Is there a direct parallel? No, not really. But that is an early experience for me of being aware that people who had a financial or ideological stake would lie through their teeth about science and scientists.