Trump Wants Nancy Pelosi to Go to Prison for Ripping Up a Copy of His Speech

Hecuba's daughter2/07/2020 3:59:35 pm PST

My take on why Biden performed so abysmally in Iowa: Trump succeeded in tarnishing Biden and his electability through the manufactured Ukraine scandal. Trump feared Biden as his strongest opponent — he made a deliberate, dishonest, and successful effort to damage him.

The Republicans have been playing dirty tricks for decades: they succeeded in forcing Muskie out of the Democratic race in 1972, they ran vicious ads against Max Cleland, they created the Swift Boat liars to harm Kerry, and then there was the 30 year campaign to demonize Hillary, with the full-hearted assistance of the MSM.

Bernie is Putin’s choice for the Democratic nominee. With so many candidates, the fringe one can win because the sane vote is split among too many others.