Anti-Muslim Bigotry: The New Flavor of the GOP

Mayor of Shadyville8/10/2010 1:38:19 pm PDT

Is this the first one I’ve registered? Really have I posted under another name Charles? That would be news to me.
LOL did someone call me a putz? That’s a pleasurable experience.
You are right, my Lebanese friend can certainly be a Christian, that’s none of my business. I’m a non-practicing Catholic myself.
I’m not trying to tattoo a Bald Eagle to your ass brotha I’m just tryin to tell you where I’m coming from, give you a little perspective on my opinions and all that.
Do I come off as one of those guys, or is it just that you simply disagree with me and you need to put a little dash of vitriol to make it sound smarter?
I like spicy, I’m no constitutional scholar I was just stating exaples of municipalities making decisions on commercial property, but I’m not sure how Manhattan’s city council works, and I’m certainly not up on their city ordinances either.
I think it makes for good debate is all I’m sayin’.
Really the crux of it is just because I’m a jackass in your head doesnt mean you’re correct in saying that we should put an Islamic Community Center near ground zero.
I initially thought it was going to be on ground zero itself, replacing that gaping hole and metal monstrosity that exists now. Now I hear its two blocks away. Two city blocks? That’s pretty far? Does anyone have the address in relation to ground zero?
If it’s that far away why is anyone making a big deal?
I’m not comfortable with replacing that hole in the ground with a mosque, does that make me mean?