Seth Meyers: Don Jr. Subpoenaed as Trump Lies About Mueller Report [VIDEO]

Shiplord Kirel, Friend of Moose and Squirrel5/09/2019 11:05:30 pm PDT

re: #43 Anymouse 🌹

This goes back to intersectionality in feminism (at least as I understand it).

Getting the hell out of Alabama, Georgia, or Ohio means the wealthy and middle-class might be able to do that, leaving poor women to the tender mercies of Movement Conservative. They are an acceptable sacrifice to anyone who argues “get out of Alabama.”

It’s the same argument liberals make about people should leave “flyover states.” Yanno, I don’t have that kind of money; my wife and I are an acceptable sacrifice.

And Movement Conservatism isn’t trying to make safe abortion unlawful in some states; they are trying to make it unlawful in the whole country. It won’t do you any good to move to Massachusetts or Colorado if it is suddenly illegal nationwide.

I can afford to move and I think about moving out of Texas practically every day. I haven’t, and probably won’t, for a number of reasons:

-Inertia, frankly. I have lived in all kinds of places but I am about to turn 70 and I am not sure I have the energy, either physically or psychologically, to adjust to a new environment.
-I am temperamentally averse to giving up a fight and we are locked in mortal combat with the RWNJs here.
-Texas will probably turn blue within my lifetime. It will certainly turn blue, the uncertainty is the remaining time I have. I might fall over dead tomorrow or I might live another 30 years. We shall see.