STORIES, Featuring Monica Martin: Don't Think Twice, It's All Right

Yeah Sure WhatEVs11/23/2019 5:03:12 am PST

re: #36 Dr Lizardo

One thing I’ve noticed - and I’m sure others here have as well - is that no matter how absurd a conspiracy theory is (Alex Jones’ “gay frogs” and chemtrails, Trump’s Crowdstrike inanity, QAnon, etc.), when clear and concrete evidence surfaces that thoroughly debunks the CT, the believers simply end up doubling or tripling down in their belief. There is simply no level of evidence that will convince them otherwise…because they’d have to admit they were wrong.

I have no doubt that if Trump gets bounced out of office next year (or by some miracle removed from office via the Senate), he and his supporters will go their graves convinced with absolute certainty of a vast, far-reaching conspiracy to destroy them.

And if trump isn’t on the 2020 ballot, I guarantee there will be untold write-in ballots for him. Even if he’s in prison (please, please, please).