Snarky Puppy Live at Festival Django Reinhardt 2018: "Grown Folks"

Citizen K11/25/2020 6:57:59 pm PST

This is, once again, the shit we have to deal with.

No matter what happens, Dems are treated as the end all root of all that is wrong and therefore they must be punished, shitkicked, and purged for any ‘real change’ to ever happen, and no amount of pointing out that Dems have to ‘play on the GOP’s terms’ precisely because they get no support from their left flank will ever convince them.

The GOP is never considered to have agency, not from the left, not from the right. Nope, Dems are just plain the root of all evil because apparently all that it would need to change things is if Dems were sufficiently motivated and refuse to because seekit Republicans or some goddamn shit.