FBI Investigates 'Suspicious Incident' in Virginia

abbyadams3/24/2010 12:05:23 pm PDT

I have a thought. Pay attention, because it might be said that these are rare.

If you are a Republican, and have not been doing so, PLEASE call your Reps, Senators, local governors, and tell them to CALL THESE ASSES OUT. ENOUGH. I came to this forum as what I thought was an (I), with a lean left on social issues. No more. I’m a leftie, I guess, if this is what the right’s elected officials will accept.

I am NOT saying that ANYONE here condones this crap. But your elected officials are if they stand silent. I’ve written my rep (who is an R) repeatedly, and asked nicely if they would please disown this type of language and behavior. I got:

“We need to drill here drill now.” in response.