The Bob Cesca Podcast: Carnival Barking Clown

lawhawk2/14/2020 10:27:13 am PST

re: #446 FormerDirtDart 🍕🐀 No Capt’n😷Trips

Every GOPer and even the NYPD and the PBA claimed (and continue to claim) that stopping stop and frisk in NYC would result in a spike in crime and a return to the 1980s with endemic crime.

Turns out that it all bluster and bulkshit.

Crime rates continued to fall. Murder and violent crimes are continuing to drop to record lows. Per capita crimes are dropping as well. Sex assaults are up, but that’s due in no small part to fact that more people are coming forward to press charges than in prior periods.

Overall, stop and frisk didn’t make the city safer, but it did result in harassing minorities to a tremendous degree.

They’re now making similar arguments about bail reform resulting in a massive spike in crime, but that’s not clear from just a few weeks of data. Even with that - homicides are still down. Even the recent incidents where an ex con fired on cops (once while the cops were in a vehicle, and the other while inside a police station) reveal the need for stronger gun control than bail reform.