Trevor Noah: Ill-Fated Premature Coronavirus Victory Laps

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Jesus. WTF?

Geraldo Rivera Blasts Judge for Denying Bail to Ghislaine Maxwell: She ‘Chickened Out’

“I think this was a political decision,” Rivera said. “I agree absolutely that the question is not whether she committed these hideous offenses. The question is whether or not she would show up for trial.”

Rivera, who is also an attorney, pointed to Maxwell’s recent purchase of a New Hampshire home to argue that she “went to all this trouble to stay in the country” and yet she’s still being sent to a detention center that’s a “hotbed of COVID-19.”
“I think that if you take her passport, you put the ankle bracelet on her, she owns property now, she could have led this country long ago if she was so inclined,” he added. “Now to keep her there in solitary confinement, essentially for over a year awaiting trial, they are doing this to put pressure on her, the federal prosecutors.”

Then, in a similar vein as former Epstein lawyer and friend Alan Dershowitz, Rivera offered up a defense of the accused sex trafficker.

“They are punishing her before conviction,” he grumbled. “She has never been held liable in a civil suit, never been convicted of a crime. She is not Jeffrey Epstein.”

Rivera would go on to insist that Maxwell wasn’t necessarily hiding from the law over the past year but instead was running from the press, saying she was one of the “most sought after tabloid figures in the country.”