Video: John McCain Quotes Chairman Mao

dugmartsch10/16/2009 2:12:57 pm PDT
the policies are always the same…reduce the size and influence of govt, reduce taxes and get more private money into the economy, choose your wars carefully and fight to win..none of that ever changes…it’s not rocket science…there is a dearth of leadership, not of ideas

Not much of that actually happened over the past 8 years. Reducing taxes doesn’t reduce the size of government, reducing the size of government reduces the size of government. You have to cut programs. You can’t enact expensive legislation and fight expensive wars without funding them. Tax cuts don’t actually create revenue.

The Republican party is out of ideas. Because the main idea they seem to have been working on, cut taxes, grow revenues, shrink government, doesn’t work.

You have to make tough choices. You have to piss people off who support you. You have to do pretty much what Barack Obama is doing.

Say that he’s a freak magnet or a marxist or whatever but at the end of the day when the budget is back to balanced, the foreign wars are wound down, and the economy is humming, that shit won’t cut it.