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McSpiff7/07/2010 8:37:37 pm PDT

re: #429 Spare O’Lake

Access to first rate surgical and specialist health care in places like Toronto is really excellent, but outside of the few largest Canadian cities it is truly pathetic.
America has the greatest health care in the world…if you happen to be extremely wealthy or to have a privileged job which has a gold-plated health insurance plan. Otherwise, not so much.

As a Canadian who normally disagrees with Spare on everything… I’ll agree with this. To a certain degree Canada’s size and population density work against it (Who here wants to be a world class cardiologist in…Moose Jaw). But the Canadian model is definitely built around having core “medical cities”. Its not even the largest cities (Halifax has stupidly good health care for example). Its just a matter of how large of an area they service. I would not get anything beyond basic things in any of the “town” hospitals in my province.

Its also important to note that health care is funded by the feds but run by the provinces. This can lead to wildly different administration styles, and to a certain degree quality of care.