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Dangerman10/19/2020 8:57:18 am PDT

re: #444 dangerman

more proof that trump is a coward and not a strategic thinker either
art of the deal my ass

if trump thru mnuchin got a deal with pelosi, the house would obviously pass it

if mitch wont bring it up, then trump can loudly endorse Mcgrath (not my idea but clever enough - especially if mitch thinks he’ll still be around)

they need what 12-13 R’s? to get to 60

he does it when he wants to

Daily Beast: “Two individuals who have spoken to Trump say the president has expressed suspicion that members of his own party believe he will be defeated by Joe Biden. That sense of paranoia has been fed by the president’s aides and confidants, who have flagged news coverage for him of Republican politicians either openly criticizing his conduct or else trying to distance themselves from a looming possible electoral bloodbath.”

“According to one of the sources with direct knowledge, the president is already contemplating retribution