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albusteve7/07/2010 8:39:26 pm PDT

re: #434 McSpiff

Second time wasn’t the same show at all. But the weather was shit and cold, and you could tell they were still giving it 100%. I’m just glad I’ll always be able to say I’ve been to a few “true” rock concerts. Stones(+ Alice Cooper opening), Eagles (+ John Fogerty), Areosmith.

I’ve tented in giant mud parking lots, I’ve woke up in pictures that resemble crime scene photos, I got some amazing memories.

But yeah, the big Stones tours might be coming to an end. Ff that gives us a few more excellent records, I’ll still be happy.

it is extremely difficult for a band to produce the same powerhouse energy every night…and I know from experience how concerned a band can be about three shows in four nights etc…the Stones do not like playing the huge arenas…they don’t need to either obviously…they do it for the fans, the ‘Stones experience’….they would much rather play a club in Toronto any day and they have…they are a blues band that got out of control…their hearts are in a smoky little club in Chicago/Toronto…it’s true…they could play Robert Johnson all night if you let them