People Magazine Writer Comes Forward to Describe Sexual Assault by Donald Trump

The Madness of King Orange (aka Sophist)10/12/2016 9:45:48 pm PDT

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Jeb! campaign person rates the Trump info drop.

@ltthompso: Ok. Trump is horrible. But I want to talk a little bit about the oppo dump that’s happening in real time. This is world class work folks. 1/

@ltthompso: This is a brilliantly coordinated drop, with staggered embargoes. First, notice the mix of local outlets and national outlets. 2/

@ltthompso: There’s a great mix of print and broadcast as well. Start with the NYT to get eyeballs on the web and TV. CNN picks it up immediately 3/

@ltthompso: Ok. Now you’ve got a story rolling. Within an hour, you start to get multiple waves coming out of local outlets. These get picked up. 4/

@ltthompso: Within ninety minutes you’ve got reporters reporting on existing reporting. The cycle is locked in. Nobody’s assessing the stories. 5/

@ltthompso: And here’s the kicker: the victims live in FL, OH, even UT. THEY’RE ALL SWING STATES! It’s masterful to be honest. Take a bow. /fin

@_Drew_McCoy_: My favorite part is the way they gave Rs a few days to stew, a few shuffle back to Trump and then BOOOOM! Now what do you do?

@ltthompso: @_Drew_McCoy_ Exactly. It’s impressive execution. Like watching Bumgarner beat my Royals in the 2014 World Series.

@ltthompso: Now I’m really curious how they’ll drop the racial material on him to do maximum damage. Because this was basically Swan Lake.

Jesus. If the Hilary Clinton can arrange all that, she deserves to be president.