Video: Seth Meyers on Trump's FBI Speech, the GOP Tax Plan and Bob Corker's Stunning Hypocrisy

Charles Johnson12/18/2017 8:38:32 pm PST

re: #42 Belafon

Look how bad things have gotten with less than a year of Trump in office. Congress is about to pass a bill that will basically wreck the American economy, to put huge amounts of money in the pockets of the super-rich. I don’t think it’s fatalistic to think another year of this degradation and plundering will be nearly impossible to reverse - it’s realistic.

And as the pressure increases on Trump, the chances that he’ll do something really terrible, like start a war or launch nuclear weapons at North Korea, get even greater.

Sorry, I just don’t see much to be optimistic about right now, and I don’t have much hope that our institutions are strong enough to hold up against this authoritarian onslaught, or Trump would never have been elected in the first place.