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California is home to the most million-dollar real estate markets; it has 111 currently, and is expected to add 14 more cities over the next year.

Note over half are in California.

That’s because the coast is covered with small incorporated areas.

I can look at San Diego county and count several. While the city of San Diego itself will not get over $1M (we’re assuming here single family dwellings and not other structures), because the eastern part of the city has very many houses of only say $700k price tags, the coast can be read off south to north: Coronado, La Jolla (if the statistician wants to count it separate from the city of San Diego, though it is part of the city), Del Mar, Solana Beach, Cardiff, Encinitas, Carlsbad. (Oceanside probably is not over $1M because of the the huge military contingent.) And of course Rancho Santa Fe, inland neighbor of Encinitas and the home of mammondom on Earth. So there’s 8 of your 200 right there. And I could keep going north county by county.

This is down to that good old American value - capitalism.

People want to live by the ocean, and not just here in California.

So while there are many communities with median house prices over $1M, that is sort of skewed by the fact that most of them are small in population and sit on the prime real estate on this planet.

Anyway, this is why when I watch My Lottery Dream Home I do so sort of nonplussed at the big deal people make over winning a million dollars. Doing so just wouldn’t go far around here. (Not that I would mind winning a $1M, but doing so wouldn’t buy me a house I’d want to live in around here.)