An Amazing Jam by Dirty Loops: "Work Shit Out" [VIDEO]

Hecuba's daughter12/01/2019 1:14:07 pm PST

re: #30 Targetpractice

What it really means is that “identity politics” has received such a negative response that the morons still using it are almost immediately discredited as self-obsessed assholes. They use “symbolism” now, the message is still the same: “Your rights as a minority are less important than my bank account.”

That is literally what they believe: their 401(k) is doing well so who cares about other people’s rights. And they believe that an unregulated “free” market brings paradise on earth and solves all problems

Finally finished my binge watch of “The Man in the High Castle”; one of its messages was how easily Americans who were not racial or religious minorities accepted the rule of the Reich and were complicit in or didn’t really care about the crimes committed in the Nazi regime ruling America. But then again, the Nazis were inspired by American eugenics and racism.