The Oslo Terrorist's 'Counter-Jihad' Ideology

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I agree and think that separation of church and state needs to be maintained (at least here, I have no idea about how it applies in Canada).

But I don’t really see why DF cited it as a failure to assimilate. It should be expected that people of all religions would continue to pray to their deities even after assimilation into a new culture. Unless he was implying that assimilation meant conversion as well.

No, I don’t think so. I really think DF is reacting to the visual effect of the photo in the article. As I’ve said before it is effective propaganda.

Both the Whacko Christians and Muslims have ways of bending logic to suit their needs.

After 9/11 we learned all kinds of new things about the Muslim faith that we weren’t exposed to before. The Christian version is old hat. The fear is that they will use our goodwill (civil rights, democracy) to control us.

What is new seems the most dangerous … ..we are vulnerable to what we don’t understand.

There are plenty of Whacko Christian sects that have carved little niches for themselves (The Sect in Texas that had their kids taken away comes to mind for me). If we have to live with them, then we have to live with all others.

Whackos of all persuasions scare the shit out of me. Just the idea of “one more” to deal with is overwhelming.

My husband would be ranting about it for days before he calmed down. Maybe it’s a guy thing?