Rush Limbaugh, Creationist

Gus5/19/2009 10:35:50 pm PDT

re: #443 Charles

It’s really pretty pathetic that on a day when such an amazing scientific discovery is announced, people like Rush Limbaugh get on the radio and say “it’s all BS,” and tell their admirers it’s meaningless.

It DOES mean something. This should be a day when all Americans — all human beings — are proud of what we can accomplish through science and research, and instead we have much of the Republican Party bitching about it as if it’s a personal affront to them.

Just pathetically sad.

It follows the line of anti-intellectualism. Mind you I don’t think of intellectualism as being a nose in the air form of intellect but a respect for science is on example. He clearly stated an opposition to this at the CPAC speech.

This is also a continuing talking point. The whole “thermodynamics” rant from Gov. Mark Sanford. The recently elected creationist to the SC Gop. McLeroy and the Texas Board of Education. Jindal’s comments on volcanic monitoring.

This fossil isn’t even a “missing link” as it has been reported by the MSM. It is not a descendent. It’s a link or an ancestor in the branch of a species. I don’t think he even understands #451 Last Mohican