Dr. Tiller Shot to Death at Wichita Church

DistantThunder5/31/2009 12:29:20 pm PDT

While the the average, healthy person can understand and tolerate multiple points of view, mentally ill people have a very difficult time. My sister-in-law says: “I only believe it if I read it in the New York Times.” and she’s pro-choice, anti-Bush, etc. I understand why she thinks that way, it bugs, me, but I can tolerate her views without becoming unhinged.

People who are mentally fragile cannot hold these world views simultaneously for inspection and tolerate the cognitive dissonance. Just contemplating the ideas, and arguments create such enormous internal conflict and pain that, under certain circumstances, they seek relief in very extreme ways: murder, suicide, self-mutiliation, extreme drug use, etc. It’s painfully intolerable for them to accept the existance of the “other” idea or act. In this case, abortion.

And then there are triggers: The trigger is the actual event that preceeded the unfolding of the crime. The trigger is not usually information like pro-gun information, or anti-abortion information - either in book form or in a speech. In the case of the guy in Pittsburg who killed the cops, the cascade began when his mother confronted him about the dog urinating, and he became a abusive, and she said she was calling the cops. Her threat to call the cops seems to have been the trigger. I don’t think he woke up in the morning and said: Today’s the day.

It will be interesting to uncover the trigger related to this murderer.