Right Wing Troll Chuck C. Johnson Pleased at Colorado Planned Parenthood Attack

Yeah Sure WhatEVs11/28/2015 9:19:15 am PST

re: #465 Dark_Falcon

A ‘moonbat’ refers to a (usually vitriolic) person on the far-left. Former congressman Pete Stark (D, CA) is an example of a moonbat, which is part of why the Democrats in his district showed him the exit in 2012. By contrast, New York Senator Chuck Schumer, though often harsh in his attacks, is not part of the far left nor does he have the “Purity Now!” feelings characteristic of moonbats. Thus Sen. Schumer is not a moonbat.

I am pretty sure everyone knows what a moonbat is. You are again missing the point by attacking the person who said it and not the source of the content- the REPUBLICANS.