The Bob Cesca Podcast: Carnival Barking Clown

Targetpractice2/14/2020 10:40:25 am PST

re: #461 Citizen K

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The impetus from folks to “both sides same thing” things, while simultaneously insisting that the Dems are being worse and/or not being held accountable continues to frustrate the fuck out of me. This is how the GOP gets away with fucking everything, even when they’re being openly corrupt and evil.

People still somehow think that Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Loretta Lynch didn’t get shit on enough for that chance meeting while Barr is literally and opnely using the DoJ as a personal legal firm and harassment arm of Trump Enterprises, with the media treating the latter as oh-so-fucking-normal.

“Bad optics” is not on the same level as “open criminality.” People are not bitching about Trump and Barr openly flouting the law because it “looks bad,” they’re bitching because laws are being broken and nobody is doing anything about it. To this day, there has never been any evidence that the buttery emails were discussed on that tarmac, much less that Lynch did anything to intervene in said case after that encounter. There is simply no comparison and the efforts to do so in order to create a false “balance” is why Trump and Barr feel safe to break the law out in the open.