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Belafon12/02/2018 12:46:17 pm PST

In case you wanted a reason to support Beto’s run, Rahm Emmanuel says he shouldn’t run:

“If Beto O’Rourke wants to go and run for president, God bless him, he should put his hat in and make his case,” Emanuel said on MSNBC. “But, he lost. You don’t usually promote a loser to the top of party.”

The diary points out that Lincoln went from losing a senate race as a Congressman to president and compares Lincoln and O’Rourke:

Lincoln’s loss to Douglas made him a household name, same as Bet’s loss to Cruz (in what is the closest race in Texas in 40 years)

Lincoln was a unknown ONE term congressman, but his famous debates (Lincoln-Douglas Style Debates are a things) made him notorious. Beto’s townhalls and videos went viral (Bend the knee anyone?)

Douglas has not loved by the slavery supporting southern Democrats. Cruz, we all know, is not beloved by his GOP brethren. They both should’ve won without a blink, they didn’t.

Lincoln really wanted to be a senator, had he won he wouldn’t have run two years later in 1860. Same with Beto, these windows don’t appear in history just by chance and /or often.

But, as I started, if Rahm is opposed….

(OK, actually, I wouldn’t use Rahm’s statement to make any kind of decision, but I doubt Beto is the right kind of greasy for Rahm.)