Chicago Anti-Gun Pol's Arrest Shows True Gun Control Hypocrisy, Says Ccrkba

Dark_Falcon12/06/2012 9:32:12 pm PST

re: #42 Charles Johnson

This story is all over the loony right wing websites, including It’s complete bullshit. They’re attacking Trotter because he’s been successful at promoting legislation that the far right gun lobby doesn’t like. There’s no mystery about what’s going on here.

But he did screw up seriously, and its natural that his enemies are going to pounce on him for having done so. I’ll not cry any tears over a gun-grabbing Dem who broke a law he himself supported.

re: #46 Gus

Thus only the wealthy can bail out and form up a defense.

Chicago being what it is, I expect Trotter to get a sweetheart plea bargain.