Michael Jackson Hospitalized - Update: LA Times Reports Jackson Has Died

Cato the Elder6/25/2009 6:01:04 pm PDT

re: #446 aaron’s rantblog

The custom not to speak ill of the dead is attributed to Spartan ephor Chilon 2600 years ago. It’s a pagan notion — not from my moral compass. Lovely slave-loving culture, Sparta.

Christianity had no problem with slave ownership for most of its history, either. Ever read Philemon?

And if you dismiss anything “pagan” for that reason alone, you automatically deprive yourself of the greater portion of humanity’s wit, wisdom and art. Almost as silly as rejecting something just because it’s Muslim.

As for “It seems that those who emphasize not speaking ill of the dead may have most to fear about their own ugly truths emerging”: de mortuis nil nisi bene can also be seen as fulfilling Christ’s commandment to judge not lest you be judged. Michael is beyond the reach of our judgments now.

And for the sake of honesty I have to say I never cared for his style of music, from the Jackson Five on up. But anyone growing up with Papa Jackson holding the whip hand surely had more than the ordinary share of twisting to deal with.