Robert Spencer and the Extremists

jcm9/09/2009 2:42:21 pm PDT

re: #438 SixDegrees

Well, scotch that idea, then.

Probably not worth it anyway. As I understand it, the spread of a shotgun round at home invasion distances isn’t significantly larger than a good-size pistol round anyway. It’s not like you can just point the thing in the general direction and pull the trigger. Might as well just stick with a pistol and traditional rounds designed not to penetrate walls, and invest in a few lessons.

Another recommended, by me at least, is a hi-intensity flashlight like a Surefire. At night in a home invasion, hitting an intruder in the eyes with a hi-intensity light beam will rock them back on their heels. That will give you a couple more seconds to your decision loop.

It’s another reason I like a pistol, I can have a hi-intensity light in one hand and the gun in the other, give me more options than a light fixed on the gun.