Another Investigation Exonerates the 'Climategate' Scientists

lostlakehiker7/07/2010 5:15:35 pm PDT

re: #276 brownbagj

I live in the south. If you could make AGW threaten college football, you would have all of the volunteers you need.

Again, we have to make changing from fossil fuels to alternative fuels be in each person’s best interest. If not, it just won’t be real enough. A problem a hundred years from now (or even 50) just doesn’t ring true enough.

We are taught in corporate America to think in quarter sized bites. This is why executives make stupid long-term decisions and great short term decisions. This attitude permeates our society. We have to USE that to get this done.

The threat of apocalypse just isn’t enough.

Expectations of the future have consequences here and now. Imagine that everyone believed that the U.S. would be broke in 100 years. Now, what’s that going to do to prices for T-bills with a maturity of 100 years? Not that there are any, but please play along.

Of course, they’ll be next to worthless. Now, what about 20 year obligations? The ones that typically are rolled over. Well, looking ahead, the fifth rollover will fail, which means that nobody is going to offer much on the fourth, and so on and so forth, and the expectations reverberate right back to here and now.

What happens to beachfront real estate price when it becomes evident that sea levels are rising? Of course. The price drops to the equivalent rental over a twenty year span, or however long it is expected to be before the encroaching sea claims the property.

And football? Already we see kids dying of heat stroke in training and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn also during games. Football is impossible when the temperature goes too high, and it’s impossibly dangerous at less drastic temperatures. Yes, there’s a threat to football.