Watch Live: The Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump - Democrats Conclude Opening Arguments

Jay C1/24/2020 3:11:11 pm PST

re: #29 Dangerman (misuser of the sarc tag)

watching lofgren tear this to pieces

alas, it wont matter because the R senate is not persuadable.
they’re not voting on what’s being said, or the law or the evidence.

Yep: let me edit/repost a comment I made at another blog:

But as eloquent as the House Managers may be, it wouldn’t make a difference if the House had Daniel Webster as lead: the “trial” IS rigged, and the “verdict” is a foregone conclusion. And public opinion is an irrelevancy. The Senate Republicans, during this impeachment trial, remind me of nothing so much as one of those smirking all-white juries in the Jim Crow South hearing a case with a black plaintiff and white defendant (or vice versa): they don’t really care about the facts, their decision will be based primarily on their prejudices, and their main concerns are first, getting home in time for dinner; and secondly, annoyance at having to “hear” a case they never wanted to deal with in the first place (“Justice” of course, having little or nothing to do with any of their considerations).