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Anymouse 🌹🏡😷2/20/2021 9:07:11 pm PST
On Wednesday, a Pius X student published an opinion article in the school newspaper* titled “Contradictory focus of Black Lives Matter.” The overtly racist column caused a stir, with statements such as, “The Black Lives Matter movement, to fulfill their stated mission, would do more for their cause by focusing on countering Planned Parenthood propaganda than by rioting to counter police mistreatment.” For a white student at a Catholic school to hold problematic views is unsurprising, and not even the biggest issue at hand. Rather, the Journalism teacher and school administration are at fault for allowing this piece to reach publication and for failing to correct the student. An “apology” from the school was posted online: “some have received the opinion piece as denying that there is more work to be done to remove all elements of hatred, prejudice and racism from our hearts and our institutions.” This is insincere and places blame on readers for their reactions. The administrative statement also refuses to assume responsibility for what is the big issue here: better educating students - and teachers - on issues of race.

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‘Contradictory focus of’ Remarks from Pius X Administration

A Catholic church school promoting racism, refusing responsibility for its actions, and making insincere apologies? Say it isn’t so.