Thursday Morning Open

Charles Johnson9/17/2009 9:48:01 am PDT

The talking point going around the wingnut blogs today is that LGF is in serious decline because I’m a virulent anti-Christian. Of course, they can’t actually link to anything at all that I’ve ever written that demonstrates this, but that isn’t stopping them.

I’m not anti-Christian at all, as people with minds of their own can easily see.

Again, they’re unable to separate being opposed to radical far-right religious agendas like creationism from being opposed to religion in general. Same old same old. This is how fundamentalists keep the masses in line - if you depart from the talking points even the tiniest bit, you’re an apostate who deserves excommunication.

And as for “declining” — our traffic has been rising steadily for the past two months, which must be extremely irritating for them.