Breaking: Video Surfaces of Breitbart in Compromising Position with Goat

Varek Raith8/10/2010 5:57:27 pm PDT

re: #46 nines09

Now a little shout out to home schooling. Wonder who hires this masterpiece.The crazy keeps coming

First comment…

Schlafly Quantuum Mecahnics
E = m * c^2
E = LIBERAL AGENDA! (Everybody Panic!)
m = Barack Obama = muslim space alien terrorist looking to take our guns in the middle of then night and insert a mind-control microchip in our brains. (NO! NOT MY …BRAIN MEATS!)
c = Kenya parents = TERRRIST! (DERP!)

It would look so much more funnier if their was one of those computer generated memes where either Einstien or Glenn Beck were using a chalkboard.