Mississippi Gov. Refuses to Condemn KKK License Plate

garhighway2/16/2011 9:56:53 am PST

re: #37 Ericus58

Based on the current recognized possible candidates for a 2012 run, I can’t disagree with your thinking, Gar.

The only way I see it playing out differently is if we see a repeat of 2000, where all the big GOP donors get behind one candidate very early and the rest drop out for lack of wherewithal. GWB just gobbled up all the big money and left everyone with scraps. (I remember seeing Liddy Dole on TV complaining about that.)

I could see the Kochs and their pals getting together somewhere, looking at the nightmare scenario and saying “screw it, we’ve got to shut this circus down”, and piling all their dough on someone like Romney. If that happens, it’s a horse race.